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Krzysztof Major

He started his climbing career in 1998 performing construction and electricity work using rope access techniques. He founded ROJAM company in 2008 and has been the President of Rope Access Technicians Organization since 2014. Krzysztof has been granted with IRATA L3, SPRAT L3, and OTDL training instructor certifications. He is a certified inspector concerning periodic PPE inspections of the most well known brands such as Petzl, Singing Rock, Protekt, ASSECURO, Soll, Tractel.

Lukasz Labedz

He is IRATA, SPRAT and OTDL trainer in collaboration with ROJAM from 2011. Lukasz has highest skills and experience in work at heights in the country and abroad, i.a. in Denmark, Germany and France. Participant of numerous trainings, competitions and workshops in the field of work at heights. Member of Rope Access Technicians Organization from 2015.

Szymon Ciemnicki

In industrial sector of work at height from 2005. He gained his experience on projects conducted in Germany, France, the Netherlands and other European countries, as well as in the countries of the Middle East. From 3 years connected with activities in the maritime sector as a team manager of work at heights. A member of the wysokosciowka.org rescue team, participant of competitions and workshops for emergency services. Experienced trainer of rope techniques, evacuation and rescue. Certified with IRATA L3, he trained over 250 people in IRATA’s certification system. Since 2012 he operates in the Rope Access Technicians Organization structures, where he sits on the management board. Simon bears the responsibility of conducting all projects and orders executed for our customers.

Bartlomiej Blonski

Involved in Rope techniques from 2004, he has been granted with IRATA L3 certification. He gained rich professional experience while working for many companies with different activity profiles, also outside the country. He participated in many training workshops in the field of climbing. Both an employee and a trainer of construction rope access training.

Konrad Bednarczuk


The adventure with ropes he began from sport climbing as a teenager in Stronie Slaskie. He deals with rope techniques professionally for 7 years. He has a training and certification in the field of rope access. He is constantly expanding his knowledge and takes part in an international rope competition. He works in Poland and abroad. Since 2018 he is IRATA and OTDL instructor.



Blazej Macieszonek


He deals with rope access professionally from 2012. The majority of his experience he acquired in Sweden, on a platform rigs in the Northern- and the Barents Sea and a desert in Qatar. He is a member of a Team RATBOC, which took part in work at height competition. In everyday life an employee and safety team leader in a Norwegian offshore company, and a rope access trainer. Except for work, paragliding and paragliding acrobatics are his passion.


Michal Sadecki

With Occupational Health and Safety he has been dealing professionally since his first big project in 2009 - where he supervised building process of PGE Arena Gdansk (currently Energa Arena). In everyday life he is responsible for event security at Ergo Arena, conducts trainings, prepares documents and works a lot in the country - OHS is his passion. He expands his professional experience in many companies, on trainings and on dedicated conferences.

Damian Weglarz

With rope techniques for 18 years. He is definitely the man who knows the ropes. He took part in many mountain expeditions. An experienced high-altitude employee, who decided in recent years to share his knowledge with others. As IRATA trainer he exceeded the number of 1,600 h spent on training students. He is one of the most experienced IRATA trainers in Poland. He took part in numerous competitions in the field of rope techniques. One of the founders of RATBOC.

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