Organization of Safety Days

We help companies organize Safe Work Days, or so-called Safety Days. We can make such events more attractive by using our Mobile Training Center. It is adapted for training in safe work at height and in confined spaces.

What does our Mobile Training Center offer?

  • The possibility of setting up a structure about 7m high, so you can train to work on ladders with or without a fixed belay system (rail or rope system). In addition, exercises are performed on moving on truss structures and evacuation from height.
  • It is possible to unfold the confined space trainer, which consists of a tunnel mounted at different angles, so you can move in limited visibility and smoke conditions. In addition, the trainer also works with a safety tripod spread over a standard sewer manhole.

How much space does our Mobile Training Center need?
Depending on the training configuration, the minimum space is a square of:

  • 10m x 5m in the case of an enclosed space trainer.
  • 12m x 10m in the case of the safe working at height trainer

What topics do our trainers cover during the Safety Day event?

  • The operation of harnesses, helmets and belay devices. They raise awareness of how PPE behaves during a fall or falling objects. To further illustrate this, participants are shown the drop of a dummy in a harness along with safety lines, as well as the drop of various objects on helmets and damage analysis.
  • Methods of work ( support work, fall arrest, confined space work).
  • Working in confined spaces (hazards, risk assessment, measures to reduce the likelihood of danger or eliminate it completely, testing the atmosphere with a multi-gas meter, procedures before entering the space).
  • Evacuating an injured person from an enclosed space or from places such as elevations or hard-to-reach areas. Using devices such as a positioning rope, Milan HUB 2.0 or R550, and a tripod (tripod) with a CRW 200 device.
  • Preparing, with the participation of a paramedic, a traumatized victim for evacuation in a stretcher from a confined space.
  • Building workstations and anchoring equipment attachments.
  • Reviewing equipment before use in 3 simple steps.
  • Simple mechanical gain systems that we can use to transport a casualty in multiple directions (2:1, 3:1, Manual Handling).
  • First aid for burns of various degrees (first aid exercises and hydrogel dressing application).
  • First aid exercises after electrocution (use of AED).
  • Manual handling or Manual Handling (discussion of injuries resulting from improper lifting of loads).
  • Evacuation from the RTG – pulling out of the cabin and transporting the injured person to the ground (demonstration of evacuation equipment).
  • Helmet drops, securing the work zone (securing tools when working at height).
  • Drops of a dummy and measurement of forces occurring during a fall.
  • Discussion of fall rate and hanging shock.
  • Position building and discussion of anchoring devices in accordance with EN795 B.

Our Mobile Training Center is also used to train employees in GWO BST onshore.

Companies we worked with during the organization of Safety Days:

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Our customers about us

We cooperated with ROJAM Major, Predkiel Sp. J. during the design and implementation of operator belay systems for work above floor level for the Faurecia interior components manufacturing plant in Gorzow Wielkopolski.

The service was performed in accordance with our expectations, honestly, following the principles of health and safety and with attention to safety and high quality.
With all responsibility, we can recommend ROJAM Major Predkiel Sp. J. for any orders to protect workers from falls from heights.

Konecranes and Demag sp. z o.o.

The company Rojam Major, Predkiel sp. j. has performed a full range of services for us, including preparing and conducting construction access training.

The Rojam company presents a high level of service, has reliable and qualified employees, as well as high-end equipment and tools to perform the service reliably, with all safety rules.


Our employees regularly participate in courses in construction and rope access techniques organized by Rojam Safety Center Ltd.

The company's teaching staff has all the necessary instructor licenses and vast experience working at height. The topics discussed are richly illustrated with practical examples and presented in a comprehensive manner.

Atem Polska

The company Rojam Major, Predkiel sp.j. performed for us the installation of steel elements necessary to strengthen the load-bearing structure of lighting platforms located under the roof of the Energa Gdańsk Stadium.

The service was performed professionally, and the rope technicians had all the necessary authorizations. We recommend the company Rojam Major, Predkiel sp.j. for any orders using mountaineering methods.

Arena Gdansk sp. z o.o.

Rojam Major, Predkiel sp.j. designed and installed systems for us to protect workers from falls from height - the 3M UniRail rail system.

The installers doing the work have all the necessary licenses and are equipped with the best quality equipment.

Carlsberg Supply Company Polska S.A.

A well-prepared training site, high-quality equipment, and superbly qualified trainers ensure that our employees are perfectly prepared for the exam.
I recommend Rojam. eu to anyone who wants to make sure their employees are perfectly prepared for rope access work.


The company Rojam Major, Predkiel sp.j. performed for us " Belaying systems for employees on O/ZWR objects when accessing overhead cranes".

All work was carried out following the contract and the instructions in force at the employer, in a professional manner, with due care, attention to safety, the art of construction and in accordance with our expectations.

KGHM Polska Miedz

We are satisfied with our previous cooperation with Rojam Major, Predkiel sp.j., whose services we used to implement an order for corrosion protection in the implementation of repairs to coatings on the Opera Leśna building in Sopot.

We hereby refer to Rojam Major, Predkiel sp.j. as a partner that appropriately treats its obligations to the customer. At the same time, we recommend the company as a trustworthy one that provides its services professionally and reliably.

Alstal Konstrukcje sp.z o.o. sp.k.

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