Krzysztof Major

Founder of ROJAM, on the market since 2008. In addition, industrial climber and forensic expert in the health and safety field with a particular focus on work at height.
Heights have always been something fascinating to him. Since childhood, as a Boy Scout, he has been building rope bridges, tyroleans and river crossings. He did all sorts of assembly, electrical or construction work, for which he used height techniques.
Krzysztof is a person who considers problems from many perspectives. He thinks outside the box and loves it when new ideas and concepts pop into his head. Krzysztof " goes with the flow" of events - he reacts quickly to changing circumstances, and nothing surprises him.

Anna Kotecka

Chief Operating Officer of our company. Ania is responsible for process efficiency, increased sales and development projects. Her several years of experience in Latin American and MENA markets will allow her to actively develop foreign partnerships.
She enjoys working with people, especially when she can watch a team grow. Her favorite saying is "The strength is the team! You can do a lot alone, but the greatest successes are achieved with the support of others."
In her free time, Ania deepens her knowledge of brain function and human behavior, and discovers the world through culinary, cultural and sightseeing experiences.

Kinga Chylinska

She is in charge of servicing and acquiring key customers of Rojam Store. She has negotiation skills and conflict resolution ability; she must implement what she sets for herself immediately.
Kinga literally infects others with her optimism. Physical activity is a part of life for her, and the season is not an obstacle to spending her free time actively after work. Biking, winter swimming, synchronised swimming - this is her way of positive energy and boosting endorphins.

Krzysztof Redzio

Sales Specialist at our Rojam Store. He builds lasting relationships with individual and business customers. Krzysiek is also the technical support of our online store. He is a person who easily adapts to sudden changes and lives for the moment. The future is a space he creates himself. He attracts others with his calmness and composure. For Krzysiek, rollerblading and trekking are a break from everyday life. He is interested in DIY, interior design and computer graphics.

Marek Ewald

Marek is a sales specialist at our Rojam Store. He deals with online as well as in-store customer service.
He cares about positive customer relations and helps customers make the right purchase decision. He is poised, understanding and committed to the customer's needs. His passion for climbing began with a rope park where he was an instructor. He likes to spend his free time hiking, climbing walls or riding his motorcycle.

Karolina Tylman

Training manager at Rojam Safety Center.
She is in charge of acquiring new clients and servicing those already acquired. She manages the training schedule and introduces new products to the training offer.
Karolina loves challenges! It is her driving force. She sets goals for herself and effectively achieves them. She constantly seeks and analyses information to help her make the best decision.
Occupational Health and Safety is a field in which she has found herself for years - constantly expanding her knowledge in this area.

Damian Mathea

Chief training instructor for work at height, with IRATA instructor status and teaching credentials. Damian imparts knowledge to course participants in a clear and interesting way. He has a lot of practical experience working at height, thanks to which he can make the listeners interested in his stories. He takes his role as an Instructor seriously and professionally, engaging 100% in what he does. Damian creates a friendly atmosphere during training, which makes the students feel at ease. Discussions and exchanging their experiences come easily to them.
Outside of training, Damian is interested in machining technology and scenotechnics.

Rafal Ozarowski

Rafal supports the implementation of projects. He collaborates with his superiors, with the team and with contractors. His tasks include preparing assumptions for the implementation of projects, operational cooperation with principals, and maintaining project documentation.
Rafal is a responsible person. He completes assigned tasks and meets deadlines.
He rides a motorcycle and regularly watches popular science podcasts. He is a great cook, and in his spare time, he likes to play the drums.

Joanna Dumanska

Responsible for post-inspection documentation of PPE equipment. Reminds people of upcoming height equipment inspections, sets due dates and creates final reports. She takes an individual and flexible approach to each client.
Asia creates authentic, mutual and long-lasting relationships with people. She brings an atmosphere of trust and friendliness to the team. Asia is very committed to charity. She is not indifferent to the fate of animals in need. She takes part in the search for missing dogs and participates in finding them a home full of love and warmth. In addition, Asia's passion is bartending.

Łukasz Kupper

Łukasz is responsible for performing inspections of personal protective equipment as well as documentation after its inspection. He reminds of the upcoming inspection of height equipment, sets deadlines for completion, and creates final reports. He takes an individual and flexible approach to each client.
Łukasz is a conscientious, disciplined and committed to the tasks entrusted to him. In his free time he indulges his passion for climbing. His hobbies include mountaineering, drytooling, skitouring and trekking. He is also passionate about biking and outdoor tourism. As soon as there is an opportunity he takes part in MTB competitions. In a word, Łukasz is an outdoor adventure enthusiast.

Anna Loszak

Works closely with the accounting department. She controls the accuracy of invoices, collects and organises accounting documents and oversees employee personnel records.
Ania is an empathetic, calm and very patient person. She loves summer, and the sun gives her much energy to work. Sunbathing and the sight of sea waves are her way of relaxing.

Joanna Grochalska

She manages social media channels, develops advertising materials, and participates in developing the website.
Asia is an empathetic and kind-hearted person. Her trait is organisation; she likes to have everything in order - this motivates her to work. She focuses on deadlines and strictly follows her schedule of tasks.
In her private time, she absorbs her favourite crime series. She enjoys reading psychological and motivational books.

Our customers about us

We cooperated with ROJAM Major, Predkiel Sp. J. during the design and implementation of operator belay systems for work above floor level for the Faurecia interior components manufacturing plant in Gorzow Wielkopolski.

The service was performed in accordance with our expectations, honestly, following the principles of health and safety and with attention to safety and high quality.
With all responsibility, we can recommend ROJAM Major Predkiel Sp. J. for any orders to protect workers from falls from heights.

Konecranes and Demag sp. z o.o.

The company Rojam Major, Predkiel sp. j. has performed a full range of services for us, including preparing and conducting construction access training.

The Rojam company presents a high level of service, has reliable and qualified employees, as well as high-end equipment and tools to perform the service reliably, with all safety rules.


Our employees regularly participate in courses in construction and rope access techniques organized by Rojam Safety Center Ltd.

The company's teaching staff has all the necessary instructor licenses and vast experience working at height. The topics discussed are richly illustrated with practical examples and presented in a comprehensive manner.

Atem Polska

The company Rojam Major, Predkiel sp.j. performed for us the installation of steel elements necessary to strengthen the load-bearing structure of lighting platforms located under the roof of the Energa Gdańsk Stadium.

The service was performed professionally, and the rope technicians had all the necessary authorizations. We recommend the company Rojam Major, Predkiel sp.j. for any orders using mountaineering methods.

Arena Gdansk sp. z o.o.

Rojam Major, Predkiel sp.j. designed and installed systems for us to protect workers from falls from height - the 3M UniRail rail system.

The installers doing the work have all the necessary licenses and are equipped with the best quality equipment.

Carlsberg Supply Company Polska S.A.

A well-prepared training site, high-quality equipment, and superbly qualified trainers ensure that our employees are perfectly prepared for the exam.
I recommend Rojam. eu to anyone who wants to make sure their employees are perfectly prepared for rope access work.


The company Rojam Major, Predkiel sp.j. performed for us " Belaying systems for employees on O/ZWR objects when accessing overhead cranes".

All work was carried out following the contract and the instructions in force at the employer, in a professional manner, with due care, attention to safety, the art of construction and in accordance with our expectations.

KGHM Polska Miedz

We are satisfied with our previous cooperation with Rojam Major, Predkiel sp.j., whose services we used to implement an order for corrosion protection in the implementation of repairs to coatings on the Opera Leśna building in Sopot.

We hereby refer to Rojam Major, Predkiel sp.j. as a partner that appropriately treats its obligations to the customer. At the same time, we recommend the company as a trustworthy one that provides its services professionally and reliably.

Alstal Konstrukcje sp.z o.o. sp.k.

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