height works

using rope access techniques

Rojam is one of the leading companies providing work at heights services using advanced rope access techniques (alpine methods).

We employ high qualified specialists, constantly invest in the newest protection systems. We have both OC and NNW assurance. Safety is our priority.   We are there, where it is too high or the access is too complicated for anyone else. We combine forces with most respected companies from building sector and biggest investors.

Our characteristic logo can be seen on Euro 2012 stadiums, new investments connected to energy safety (power stations, infrastructure) and everywhere else, where Europe climbs up. Use of advanced rope access techniques allows us to get to the most inaccessible places, providing at the same time perfect safety to our employees. We are proud, while managing project till the very end of sharing satisfaction with our clients. We invite you to see our comprehensive offer.

We invite you to read the our a complete offer.

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