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1 day


This course is aimed at those persons reqiured to access confined classified as Low Risk.

The training covers the essential legislation, working practices and safety requirements for Confined spaces up to 3m deep and accessible by a single fixed ladder with no obstruction. There must be no realistic expectation of encountering a specified risk.Whilst working within the space, the entrant must be attached to the safety line system


After completing the training, participants receive a certificate.

Certificate is issued for a period of 3 years.

Conditions for all levels:

The candidates should be over 18 years old, be in a good physical condition and should not have medical contraindications that would reduce the safety of their work. They should be in physical condition good enough to cope with tasks requiring appropriate coordination, strength and agility.

The candidates shouldn’t have contraindications for work at heights, such as:

  • heart disease / chest pain
  • high blood pressure
  • epilepsy, fainting
  • fear of heights, vertigo
  • imbalances
  • damage to limb functions
  • alcohol dependence or addiction to drugs
  • mental disorders
  • diabetes

Who should attend

those employees who are required to access confined space areas

CourseObjectives and Content

- confined space legislation

- definitions and recognition of confined space

- confined space examples abd categories

- communications/ emergency actions

- watchman duties

- safe system of work (PPE) permit to work

-risk assessment/ method statement

- equipment characteristics and limitations

- equipment maintenance and inspection requirements

- vertical shaft entry and egress (usung ladders)

- use of tripod/ davit and winch

- correct use of gas detector sampling techniques


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