1- 2 days

Course dedicated to people exposed to fall from a height, in the daily work of moving the structural elements such as scaffolding, ladders, roof, counters, etc..

 The course is particularly aimed at those working in sectors such as construction, roofing, mobile telephony, telecommunications, electrical power engineering , waste water - sewage.

The certificate is valid for one year.

After passing the exam, students receive a certificate confirming their skills and handheld certification passed exam in the form of a plastic card.

The scope of the information presented on the training:

  • current regulations and standards for work at heights,
  • fall factor,
  • selection of equipment appropriate for the job, control of equipment by the user,
  • methods of fall protection,
  • basics of rescue at heights,
  • safe transport of tools and materials,
  • Constructions,
  • tying knots.

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