We also offer special trainings for emergency services using equipment adapted to the specific requirements of high altitude rescue operations, as well as trainings for the uniformed services using rope techniques during their official duties.

Due to specification of work of every uniformed group, we create a detailed offer for the Specialist Training for every client individually. Therefore we can meet your expectations, and you have a guarantee that all our services are tailored to your needs. We find it important, to provide the best trainings possible to help your employees perform splendidly in their everyday tasks.

Conditions for all levels:

The candidates should be over 18 years old, be in a good physical condition and should not have medical contraindications that would reduce the safety of their work. They should be in physical condition good enough to cope with tasks requiring appropriate coordination, strength and agility.

The candidates shouldn’t have contraindications for work at heights, such as:

  • heart disease / chest pain
  • high blood pressure
  • epilepsy, fainting
  • fear of heights, vertigo
  • imbalances
  • damage to limb functions
  • alcohol dependence or addiction to drugs
  • mental disorders
  • diabetes

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