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About the company

Our services are used by all those working at height in their daily lives or are just taking their first steps in this industry.

Anyone unable to undertake a task on their own, because height or space is a limitation for them, relies on our team of mountaineers.

For us, height has no upper limit – we will stand up to any task.

We want to make sure that everyone who works in the high-altitude business performs it in full knowledge and safety, respects heights, and thus enjoys the beautiful views from the very top.

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Why Rojam



We have been in the high-altitude business since 2008. Since then, we have established the Rojam Store of mountaineering equipment, started our training business in 2011, earning IRATA accreditation in 2015.


We are IRATA accredited and meet the safety and quality standards according to ISO 45001, 9001.
We guarantee the safety of investment, purchase and training.


We take an individual approach to the customer and the orders we carry out.
We are open to industry news and constantly learning about new opportunities.
The scope of our activities covers all of Europe and the World.


Most of our customers have been cooperating with us continuously for many years. Among the companies that have trusted us are: Atem, Qualitel, Global Wind Service, Muehlhan, International Paper, Corleonis, Windhunter Academy, KGHM, and Siemens Gamesa.


We guarantee fast, reliable and efficient contact with customers.
We strive to respond to the individual inquiry within 24 hours.


Do you have doubts and find it hard to make a decision?
Do you have no experience?
Opt for a free consultation, and your problem will be carefully analyzed in order to select an appropriate and professional solution.
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Our customers about us

We cooperated with ROJAM Major, Predkiel Sp. J. during the design and implementation of operator belay systems for work above floor level for the Faurecia interior components manufacturing plant in Gorzow Wielkopolski.

The service was performed in accordance with our expectations, honestly, following the principles of health and safety and with attention to safety and high quality.
With all responsibility, we can recommend ROJAM Major Predkiel Sp. J. for any orders to protect workers from falls from heights.

Konecranes and Demag sp. z o.o.

The company Rojam Major, Predkiel sp. j. has performed a full range of services for us, including preparing and conducting construction access training.

The Rojam company presents a high level of service, has reliable and qualified employees, as well as high-end equipment and tools to perform the service reliably, with all safety rules.


Our employees regularly participate in courses in construction and rope access techniques organized by Rojam Safety Center Ltd.

The company's teaching staff has all the necessary instructor licenses and vast experience working at height. The topics discussed are richly illustrated with practical examples and presented in a comprehensive manner.

Atem Polska

The company Rojam Major, Predkiel sp.j. performed for us the installation of steel elements necessary to strengthen the load-bearing structure of lighting platforms located under the roof of the Energa Gdańsk Stadium.

The service was performed professionally, and the rope technicians had all the necessary authorizations. We recommend the company Rojam Major, Predkiel sp.j. for any orders using mountaineering methods.

Arena Gdansk sp. z o.o.

Rojam Major, Predkiel sp.j. designed and installed systems for us to protect workers from falls from height - the 3M UniRail rail system.

The installers doing the work have all the necessary licenses and are equipped with the best quality equipment.

Carlsberg Supply Company Polska S.A.

A well-prepared training site, high-quality equipment, and superbly qualified trainers ensure that our employees are perfectly prepared for the exam.
I recommend Rojam. eu to anyone who wants to make sure their employees are perfectly prepared for rope access work.


The company Rojam Major, Predkiel sp.j. performed for us " Belaying systems for employees on O/ZWR objects when accessing overhead cranes".

All work was carried out following the contract and the instructions in force at the employer, in a professional manner, with due care, attention to safety, the art of construction and in accordance with our expectations.

KGHM Polska Miedz

We are satisfied with our previous cooperation with Rojam Major, Predkiel sp.j., whose services we used to implement an order for corrosion protection in the implementation of repairs to coatings on the Opera Leśna building in Sopot.

We hereby refer to Rojam Major, Predkiel sp.j. as a partner that appropriately treats its obligations to the customer. At the same time, we recommend the company as a trustworthy one that provides its services professionally and reliably.

Alstal Konstrukcje sp.z o.o. sp.k.

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